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The Left’s Assault on Free Speech – A Battle for Freedom

by Dave Ball
May 2, 2017

5643265On April 28, I spoke before 250 enthusiastic Washington County Republicans and a large number of elected officials.  The theme of the dinner was a very upbeat celebration of President Trump’s first 100 Days and look at how Conservatives will move forward in Washington County.  My message, however, was a very serious warning about not only the future of our conservative message in Washington County but also the future of freedom in America.  The statement was that our Conservative message depends upon our right of free speech and here, in America, that precious right of free speech is in mortal danger.

Liberal fascists have clearly stated that they intend to shut down Conservative voices by any and all means necessary.  Theirs is to be the only voice allowed.  Why?  They are enraged, not unhappy but irrationally enraged, by the outcome of the 2016 election.  They simply cannot believe that the problem is them and their corrupt vision.  They know we are right.  The American people listened to Candidate Trump and knew we were right.  60% of the voters in Washington County said we were right.  The liberal fascists know that if the Conservative voice continues to be heard, the Democrats will never win another election.

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Patriot Post Cartoon

Posted May 22, 2017, 8:45 am


Your tax dollars lining the pockets of political hacks

Posted May 19, 2017, 9:45 am

scott_wagnerUnbelievable – here is another story that you simply cannot make up.

Last year Governor Tom Wolf orchestrated the transfer of $10 million of your tax dollars from the State of Pennsylvania to the host committee of the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia last year, which was chaired by Ed Rendell. It was the largest convention “donation,” and it went toward propping up the failed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. All told, the committee raised $86 million.

We’re now learning that the committee had a $4 million surplus after the convention. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that instead of returning this money to Pennsylvania taxpayers, the committee paid out $1 million in bonuses to Democrat political consultants. These payouts included $310,000 to the executive director – who was already paid $13,000 a MONTH for the past two years.

Republican State Senator Joe Scarnati is requesting an audit of how this money was spent, and why your tax dollars were used to line the pockets of these political consultants. I fully support Senator Scarnati’s request, and we absolutely must demand accountability.

Add your name to support an open and transparent investigation into the misuse of Pennsylvania funds by the Democratic National Convention.

This is just another example of Democrat corruption and cronyism in Pennsylvania. When I’m Governor, things will be different. I’ll fight tirelessly to change the entrenched culture of Harrisburg, where politicians would rather skim millions of your tax dollars and funnel them to the Obama-Clinton machine than support struggling Pennsylvania families.

SEIU Still Bankrolling the radical left

Posted May 10, 2017, 9:56 am

As has been previously reported, the SEIU is a major supporter and funder of radical left political activities including “Indivisible” and “Resist” activities.  They are often involved in fake town hall meetings and mob demonstrations at elected official’s offices.  The article below is further substantiation of how this public sector union is taking dues money from its members, often against their will, and using it for left wing political purposes.  Note that the article cites that, in addition to $61.6 million spent on political activities, the union spent an additional $19 million on what they termed “organizing activities” but was undeniably political.  That is over $80 million in one year on left wing political activities.  It is hard to see them as a legitimate union but more as a radical left Democratic fund raising organization.

 – Dave

SEIU Spending Priorities

765476576Whether or not members agree with the Service Employees International Union’s liberal, Democrat-friendly stances — and whether or not those stances actually benefit its members — the SEIU spends so much on politics that it reportedly is considering budget cuts, according to media reports.

A filing with the federal Labor Department shows the SEIU “spent $61.6 million on political activities and lobbying in 2016, roughly 20 percent of its $314.6 million budget,” according to The Washington Free Beacon. While adding about 15,000 members, revenue was down by $17 million, leaving a $10 million budget deficit.

Deepening that financial hole was another $19 million spent on the “Fight for 15” campaign for fast-food minimum-wage increases. That spending was labeled “support for organizing” in the federal filing, not “political activities and lobbying,” despite being undeniably political.

Richard Berman, Center for Union Facts executive director, told The Free Beacon that the SEIU’s political spending would be better directed toward bargaining efforts that would actually help its members: “Instead of fighting for workplace benefits, the union is going behind their members’ backs to bankroll Democrats and liberal advocacy groups.”

And that won’t change unless SEIU members force SEIU leaders to focus on advancing their interests, rather than on supporting left-wing causes and politicians.

Click for full article: http://triblive.com/opinion/editorials/12184045-74/seiu-spending-priorities

The leftist radicals are alive, well and active – it’s time to act

Posted May 9, 2017, 9:29 am

8675786I have noted in several articles and in an address at the Washington County Dinner that the Alinsky Left is alive and well and growing in energy every passing day.  The Pittsburgh Lesbian Group in the article below is but one splinter of the “Indivisible” or Clinton Resist crowd.  These are their tactics.  Swarm, mob, shut down free speech, attract attention, disrupt other people.  Notice in the entire article there is not one suggestion of a constructive idea, just disruption and interference.

We need counter-protesters, we need media presence with our position, we need people spreading the truth against the lies of the left, we need to support our elected officials.  Silence and lethargy will not win this battle.

The Radical Left’s plan is clearly spelled out below.  Do nothing and this is what we will live with.

 – Dave

Western PA resistance during the house district work week – Resist #AHCA

Now is the time to show up. In person. With a spouse, partner, friend and/or your children. Show your ire and our collective might.

Bring a sign or not. Just be there.

Stand on the front line or on the fringe. Just be there.

Chant and raise your hand or use your phone to document the moments. Just be there.

Use a personal day, flex your schedule, and remember those who don’t have these options. Just be there.

Share this with everyone who has a preexisting condition. Or who has a kid with a preexisting condition.

I want to see so many constituent protestors at Toomey’s office on Tuesday that Grant Street is shut down in the middle of the day because of all of the people. I want the chants to ring up and down Pittsburgh’s corporate boardrooms as traffic and parking delays draw their attention to our power. I want to remind Democrats in office that socially conservative, Democrat-lite is no longer a flavor of the week.

Click for full article: http://www.pghlesbian.com/2017/05/western-pa-resistance-during-the-house-district-work-week-resist-acha/

A Free Speech Tipping Point

Posted May 8, 2017, 10:29 am

Much has been written lately about the assault on free speech.  This article is representative of many.  We are under assault by the Left and our First Amendment right of Free Speech is in mortal danger.  It is not only our Colleges and Universities that are caving in to the Alt Left Fascists.  Our media long ago adapted the left as their step children.  The Democratic Party has become the face of the assault on free speech aided by organizations led by none other than Obama and Hillary Clinton, losers who won’t go away.  We see the assault daily from “Indivisible” and other “Resistance” organizations, abetted by public sector labor unions like the SEIU.  The next time you see a mob at Congressman Murphy’s office or some other elected official’s office, realize that they are not practicing free speech but rather participating in an attack on a fundamental Constitutional right of others.

Stand up for America.  Drive a leftist crazy – tell them the truth.  Write letters to our liberal papers and remind them that President Trump carried 60% of Washington County.  Speak out against the liberal lies.  There are plenty to pick from.

 – Dave

9764897Many people have called for changes on college campuses. To a certain extent this has been treated with humor-based dismissal. The branding of these children acting in a petulant manner is referred to as “snowflakes.” But now we have reached a dangerous tipping point that threatens to destroy the freedoms we all savor as part of our heritage.

This occurred when Ann Coulter was stopped from speaking at U.C. Berkeley. It was really terrible when others were stopped from speaking because of obnoxious behavior or actual physical violence. For example, a speech by Milos Yiannopoulos was stopped because of protests that turned violent.

Now speech is being stopped simply with the threat of violent behavior. Here is how the conversation would go. “Hey, Chancellor Dirks, we don’t like that speaker. If you have her speak we are going to riot.” Dirks replies: “Well, I can understand that and we don’t want any violence, and we want to keep you happy, so we are just going to cancel that speech.” Nice, easy, slick and a complete dismantling of the First Amendment. Someone sits in his or her living room, hitting their bong, calls the U and that ends free speech as we know it. And they thought McCarthy was a threat.

Click for full article: https://townhall.com/columnists/brucebialosky/2017/05/07/a-free-speech-tipping-point-n2321732