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Making America Great One Election at a Time

Posted May 21, 2018, 9:49 am

635969383655651257-36690881_Make-America-Great-Again-Logo1Last Tuesday we went to the polls for the 2018 Primary election.  Well, at least some of us did.  Slightly less than 22% of the registered voters in Washington County showed up to determine who would represent their respective political parties this fall in the General Election.

Without getting into individual races, it was pretty easy to differentiate the parties.  The Republican candidates talked about reducing taxes, eliminating regulations, helping businesses grow, bringing jobs to the area, growing the economy, fiscal responsibility, defending the Constitution and preserving American values.  Old time Democrats talked about making the wealthy “pay their fair share of taxes”, increasing government regulation of almost everything that can be regulated, increasing taxes to pay for ever increasing social programs, sanctuary cities, open borders, a cornucopia of social issues, repealing the Second Amendment, and generally hating President Trump.

An interesting third voice was heard.  This was the voice of “new Democrats”, sick and tired of the leftward drift of their party and  much more in tune with what Republicans were saying about jobs, the economy and growing business.

In Washington County, the Republican Party nominated an exciting group of young, conservative candidates who reflect the values previously stated;  candidates who will bring jobs and business to this area.  Candidates who will represent their Party and their constituents well for some time to come.  The Old Time Democrats nominated a couple Socialists in Pittsburgh and predictable leftists elsewhere.  If elected, these folks will raise taxes, drive jobs out of the area and generally undo what has been accomplished by the President.  Seems to present a pretty clear choice.  It also appears that many of the “new Democrats” may be more comfortable with the Republican candidates than with the Democrat nominees.

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In the special election, O’Neal is best; Democratic primary votes should choose Zupancic

Posted May 10, 2018, 10:23 am

Congratulations to Tim O’Neal on his Endorsement by the Observer Reporter in the 48th District Special Election.

Imagine a Republican being endorsed in a District that has never been represented by a Republican.

-Dave Ball


7653765Voters in the 48th Legislative District will have the opportunity to cast their ballots twice for either Republican Tim O’Neal or Democrat Clark Mitchell Jr. Tuesday.

And they won’t be committing voter fraud.

Confusing? Sure. Now, here’s the deal: On the same day Pennsylvania voters will be choosing Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, congressional and legislative seats, voters in the 48th district will be able to choose who should represent them in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the remainder of the year, filling a seat left vacant by the resignation of Brandon Neuman, who became a Washington County judge earlier this year. At the same time, they will also be choosing Republican and Democratic nominees for the term that will begin next January and run through January 2021.

In other words, a special election is happening the same day as the primary.

Republican Tim O’Neal, a human resources director for a Pittsburgh construction company and an U.S. Army veteran, is running against Democrat Clark Mitchell, a Washington attorney, in the special election. In the primary, O’Neal is running unopposed, Mitchell is competing against Joe Zupancic, a Washington attorney and former member of the Canonsburg school board.

Also running in the special election is Demo Agoris, a Houston borough councilman who is running as a Libertarian candidate.

In the special election, we think the best choice for voters is O’Neal.

Click for full article: https://observer-reporter.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-in-the-special-election-o-neal-is-best-democratic/article_82e016e8-4d7a-11e8-b0a3-eb67537d5817.html

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Posted May 1, 2018, 6:25 am




Two Events on Saturday Night – One Meaningful and One Disgusting

Posted April 30, 2018, 10:05 am

78594637095A couple interesting events occurred Saturday night. One was meaningful, the other was just disgusting.

On the meaningful side, President Trump visited Macomb County, Michigan to attend a rally. Macomb County helped deliver Michigan for the President and the President delivered for Macomb County.

In an 80 minute speech before a wildly enthusiastic crowd that waited up to five hours to enter the arena, the President talked about the need to build a wall on our border with Mexico, he talked about cutting taxes and he talked about continuing to remove regulations. The President talked about unemployment being the lowest it has been in 17 years for all Americans and the lowest it has ever been for blacks, Hispanics and women. He talked about diplomatic success in North Korea and progress on trade agreements that will benefit American workers.

The crowd clearly backed the President as much, if not more, today than in November of 2016 when he carried the County by a 54% to 42% majority. Prominent among those in attendance were MAGA hats, Trump T-shirts and other Republican apparel. The crowd roared its approval of his tax cuts, his cabinet picks and his policies around the world.

People clearly like money in their pockets, job security and national strength. President Trump is their man.

On the disgusting side, the DC media crew held their annual hate-fest known as the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. This is an event where unhinged leftist elites assemble to demonstrate that they are totally lacking in decency, manners, intelligence, and civility.

Each year this group of snowflakes, socialists, and assorted leftist lunatics gather to be as rude, crass and vulgar as possible to all things and people Republican, American, respectable and conservative. This year certainly did not disappoint.

It seems that each year they find some nobody to deliver rancid comments. Last year it was Hasan Minhaj who spent his time making acerbic comments about the President and Putin. At least he wasn’t X-rated. This year, in their constant quest to demolish whatever shred of decency might remain, the demented lefties called upon Daily Show reject Michelle Wolf. She was classless, vicious, malicious, crude, insulting and should have embarrassed every member of the writing profession in the room. She probably didn’t only because many of those present probably don’t have standards any higher than Wolf’s. She was disgusting and not funny. That the White House Staff members in attendance sat there is a testament to their grace under fire.

The few normal Americans, normal being defined as those Americans not belonging to the leftist party of delusion, who night have watched for reasons other than professional or political interest, had to be revolted. But this is simply a picture of the level of intelligence and class of the left. Think about this the next time you vote.

Republicans choose O’Neal as special election candidate in 48th district

Posted January 29, 2018, 10:10 am

86537563Saturday morning, 66 of the 78 Precinct Committee People in the 48th Legislative District (Canonsburg to Washington) met at the Washington Country Club to select a Republican candidate for the Special Election for State Representative for the seat vacated by Brandon Neuman. They chose Tim O’Neal.

Tim will be a great candidate and exactly the type of candidate we need to carry our party forward in the county.

We were fortunate to have three excellent candidates for the position and the “campaign” for the nomination was conducted just as one would hope Republicans would conduct such a campaign. It was about qualifications and issues with no personal attacks. The speeches at the Conferee meeting were excellent and demonstrated that we have a good “bench” of talent in the party.

What a difference between our selection meeting and the Democrat’s meeting. They had 21 of their 78 people show up (with six wandering in later) and they left with dissention and threats of protests. Our meeting ended in unity, enthusiasm and excitement with State Senator Camera Bartolotta making a brief but excellent case for working together to elect our candidate and turn the district red.

Congratulations to all involved. It’s a great time to be Republican.

-Dave Ball

On the first ballot, South Strabane Township resident Tim O’Neal prevailed over a pair of Republican hopefuls to appear on the May 15 special election ballot for a seat in the state legislature previously held by Brandon Neuman.

The vacancy occurred because Democrat Neuman, now a Washington County judge, resigned his seat in the state House Dec. 31. The winner of the special election will serve for the remainder of 2018.

O’Neal, a U.S. Army veteran, will do battle against Democrat Clark Mitchell Jr., an attorney whose rallying cry was, “Let’s keep the 48th District blue,” when he won his party’s nomination Jan. 14 at VFW Post No. 191, Canonsburg.

Hoping to “flip” the seat, the Republican nominee Saturday at his own nominating convention at Washington Country Club countered, “Let’s make the 48th District red. Right now, I’m ready to be your state representative.

“I’ve worked the coal mines, fought in Afghanistan, I support our energy industry and they’ve returned that support,” he told the conferees.

Click for full article: https://observer-reporter.com/news/election/republicans-choose-o-neal-as-special-election-candidate-in-th/article_6c3b3c90-0385-11e8-8274-9f4a0cde31ac.html

Gun Control

Posted March 2, 2018, 12:05 pm


Patriot Post Cartoon

Posted February 26, 2018, 7:21 pm


The Only Word is Disgraceful

Posted February 2, 2018, 10:55 am

4387926750834On Tuesday night, President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address. He spoke of the greatness of America and the progress it has made in the past year. He spoke of the achievement of America’s people, of shared victory and shared pain. Mostly he spoke about WE the People. He used the pronoun “we” 129 times and “our” 104 times while using “I” only 29 times. What a welcome relief from the ego-in-chief that preceded him. This is important because this nation is about we, us working to achieve common goals.

The President then spoke of goals achieved. He spoke of Tax Reform, of a resurgent economy and 3 million Americans who have received tax cut bonuses.

He talked about eliminating onerous regulations that have resulted in a healthy economy.

He spoke about freeing this nation from trade deals that punished American workers and the American economy.

He talked about keeping America safe by defeating ISIS and freeing our military to operate as they need to.

During his talk, he introduced real Americans, real American heroes who have fought for our nation and people who exemplify what America stands for. What great moments. Members of the House and Senate were frequently on their feet applauding these heroes and America’s accomplishments – except the Democrats.

In an absolutely infantile display of obstinance, they sat on their hands and refused to rise, even for a decorated military hero, a young boy who developed a program to put wreaths on veteran’s graves, a young man who walked thousands of miles on crutches to get to freedom or two families who had lost children to gang violence.

The Democrats refused to applaud a strong economy or low unemployment. Black Democrat legislators were unable to applaud the lowest rate of black unemployment in history. Nancy Pelosi looked like she had swallowed a bushel of lemons. Chuck Schumer looked more dead than alive as did Bernie Sanders.

The behavior of the Democrats can only be described as disgraceful. Childish, disrespectful of the American people and boorish are probably not far behind.

One can only conclude that the Democrats are opposed to America doing well. That they are opposed to higher wages, lower unemployment, a higher stick market and business returning to this country. Why else would they be so glum at the mention of this news?

Make this point clearly to people when discussing the Special Election for Congress pitting Rick Saccone, a solid Republican who embraces all that the President talked about and will work to keep that momentum going against his young and inexperienced Democratic opponent who, despite what he says, will do exactly what Pelosi says. What Pelosi will tell this young Democrat to do was on full display during the President’s speech. That is not what we want – or can afford – in Washington.

We must work hard to send Rick Saccone to Washington on March 13.