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A leap toward continuing failure – New democratic agenda

Posted August 11, 2017, 8:00 am

democratic-donkeyHere’s a newsflash. I’d like to say you heard it here first but you probably didn’t. The Democrats have a new agenda! There is certainly no doubt that they need a new agenda. The one they have been using has been a failure of epic proportions.

In eight years of misrule under Obama, the Democratic party suffered the worst elected office losses in history. They lost 1,042 state and federal posts plus four more in recent runoff elections. Democratic Senate seats fell from 55 to 46, House seats fell from 256 to 194. Governorships declined from 28 to 16. A total of 958 state legislative seats were also lost. Obama said he could have won a third term if he were allowed to run again. Good thing for his party he was ineligible because there may have been no Democrats left in elective office at the end of that term.

The morning coffee hadn’t even been poured on November 9 before the Democrats were beginning the blame list for Clinton’s stunning, but predictable, defeat. It was, depending on the time, and whom you asked, Russian hackers, fake news, a Putin conspiracy, misogyny, a rigged election, or any one of a dozen other conspiracy theories. The root cause, however, is that the Democrats produced nothing for the majority of the American people. The economy was stalled, jobs were scarce, businesses were over-regulated, taxes were high and climbing, the vaunted Obamacare had failed to deliver on most of its promises, our military had been gutted, illegal immigrants were flooding the nation, crime was increasing in the cities; basically not much was going well. The root cause was cataclysmic policy failure. Liberalism as an operational strategy simply was not working and has not worked – ever.

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Seven Republicans betray their party and their constituents

Posted July 28, 2017, 7:50 am

It has been obvious for some time that Democrats are not the only people frustrating President Trump’s initiatives to Make America Great Again. There’s no need to guess at the motives of these people; they are not Republicans and they put their own self interests above that of America. They need to go. They need strong primary challengers who are conservative Republicans. Susan Collins and John McCain top the list but the rest are not far behind.

– Dave


75676547Yesterday, seven Republicans in name only – Sens. Shelley Moore Capito (W.V.), Susan Collins (Maine), Dean Heller (Nev.), John McCain (Ariz.), Rob Portman (Ohio), Lamar Alexander of (Tenn.), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) – voted not to repeal major portions of Obamacare, Obama’s dreadful legacy that has, for millions of Americans, virtually destroyed the health insurance industry and access to their actual health care. Only members of Congress were allowed to keep their doctors and keep their plans. That was the promise Obama made to every American. It was a lie.

These seven senators have betrayed their party and the people who elected them. Betrayal is common among people without conscience. Yes, McCain has demonstrated prodigious conscience in the past, but no more. He long ago became a tool of the left. That is what the word “maverick” means when applied to John McCain. It was Arthur Miller who wrote that “betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” And stick it does. Not one of these people should be re-elected.

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Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speech

Posted July 18, 2017, 9:35 am

Most of us are really tired of the constant nonsense from the left about “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russians. In six months of intense investigation, no one has found anything. Sitting right under their noses, however, is a certified, prosecutable case of influence buying. Just one of many.

– Dave


clinton-1_20170718_074216The Russian lawyer who landed a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s campaign with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton had one big thing in common with the Democratic candidate: Both had opposed Russia sanctions targeting human-rights abusers.

Further, former Secretary of State Clinton’s initial opposition coincided with a half-million-dollar speech her husband gave in Moscow – a link her 2016 campaign fought to downplay in the press, according to WikiLeaks-released documents.

Trump White House officials now are trying to draw attention to that speech and the Clintons’ ties to Russia in a bid to counter criticism over Trump Jr.’s now-infamous meeting.

“If you want to talk about having relationships with Russia, I’d look no further than the Clintons,” Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a briefing last week. “Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, personally thanked by President Putin.”

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Vandals strike Rep. Murphy’s Mt. Lebanon Ofiice

Posted July 6, 2017, 9:48 am

The Post Gazette reported today that vandals invaded Congressman Murphy’s Mt. Lebanon office on the Fourth of July and painted graffiti on a wall and the door.

Mt. Lebanon Police are investigating the incident and has not yet identified any suspects in the case.

We are certainly familiar with the “Mondays with Murphy” group that practices its adolescent intimidation and left wing rhetoric in front of the office. They, of course, deny responsibility. Even if they did not directly cause the vandalism, one must wonder if their actions instigated others to act out along the lines they promote.

It is a shame when our political process devolves into groups like “Mondays with Murphy” and childish vandalism.

Please take a moment and let Congressman Murphy know that you support him.

– Dave