Feds Suspend Citizenship Applications, Naturalizations After Obama Admin Goof

Posted December 5, 2016, 9:43 am

786548765The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken and ineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.

In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.

“At this point we are not confident that proper FBI Name Checks have been run on certain ELIS cases. At this point we are uncertain of the scope of the problem,” Daniel M. Renaud, the associate director, said in the email.

FBI name checks are a critical part of the application process, giving immigration officers a look at potential criminal histories or other national security red flags that would make someone ineligible for citizenship.

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Ann Coulter: How Trump Could Ruin His Presidency

Posted December 5, 2016, 9:40 am

65487678Soon after Trump’s announcement speech, I said he would win the nomination and likely the election. It wasn’t that hard to predict. For anyone familiar with the Republican Party’s repeated betrayals of the American people, it was a 2-foot putt.

I issue this warning with the same certitude — in fact, for the exact same reason I knew anyone running on Trump’s platform would have unbreakable support from millions of voters.

What coalesced Trump’s base, what made his support tempered steel, was the fact that voters had been lied to, over and over again — on many things, but most smugly and repeatedly on immigration.

How many times did we have to see the GOP choke? There’s 30 seconds left in the game, Republicans are down by two, they move the ball up the court, have a man in position — and, every time, the GOP would do anything to avoid taking the 3-point shot.

That is the beating heart of the anger that voters felt toward the party. No one trusted Republicans to ever score when they had the ball.
It’s why Trump’s supporters stuck with him through thick and thin — his attack on war hero John McCain (he deserved it), his mocking a disabled reporter (a lie), his lazy first debate performance (totally true), and the “Access Hollywood” tape (oh well).

After he gave that Mexican rapists speech, and never backed down, Trump’s base would have brushed off six more “Access Hollywood” tapes — he could have shot someone on Fifth Avenue. All because they think Trump will take the shot.

He’d better! As the popular vote proves, we don’t have 30 seconds on the clock. It’s only three.

But if he breaks a major campaign promise, his supporters will turn on him with a blind ferocity, dwarfing their rage toward Jeb! because Trump’s is the more exquisite con. He will have duped them. And he will never, ever, ever get them back.

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Kasich’s Refugee Policy Draws Fire After Ohio State Attack

Posted December 1, 2016, 10:52 am

In the eyes of some observers, Ohio Gov. John Kasich bore the brunt of the blame for the attack on Ohio State University’s campus Monday.

After 18-year-old Ohio State student Abdul Razak Ali Artan — a Somali refugee — injured 11 other students with a car and a butcher’s knife, Kasich released a statement saying his thoughts were with the victims. In a later press conference, Kasich lauded first responders for a “remarkable job,” and also praised Ohio residents for their strength and resilience.

One first responder, Officer Alan Horujko, 28, stopped the attacker before he could injure more people. The officer fatally shot the assailant, eliminating the risk to students, authorities said. Horujko shot the attacker when the man failed to comply with orders to put down his weapon.

“When you think about the timeline, from 9:52 to 9:54, it shows how much practice, how much training, how much expertise, how much coordination is existing with campus police, Columbus police, the FBI, the [Special Response Team], the county sheriff — there was amazing coordination,” Kasich said. “It is remarkable what these first responders did.”

Twitter users, however, saw the incident in a different light. While none disputed Kasich’s assessment of the first responders, many faulted his immigration policy. They said Kasich’s desire to relocate refugees to Ohio opened the door for Monday’s attack. Some said Kasich was aware of the “inevitable terrorism” such refugees would bring and yet brought them anyway.

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2015-16 Session Draws to a Close

Posted December 1, 2016, 9:40 am


The 2015-16 Legislative Session officially ends on November 30. Although much work remains to be done in 2017 and beyond, a number of issues that are important to local communities saw significant progress during the two-year legislative session.

One of my top priorities is ensuring our state government lives within its means and doesn’t stand in the way of job growth in our communities. Although Governor Wolf fought to enact staggering increases in broad-based taxes, significant hikes in government spending and new job-killing levies on the natural gas industry, lawmakers successfully thwarted all three of the Governor’s proposals. Lawmakers also approved a new requirement implementing performance-based budgeting to help weed out wasteful spending and curtail the growth in the cost of state government.

As lawmakers sought to curtail the growth in state spending, significant new resources were devoted to education. Each of the past two budgets boosted total education funding by at least $200 million. In addition, lawmakers gave schools new tools to educate students while reducing costs to taxpayers, including supporting administrative partnerships between school districts and new hybrid learning programs for students.

After years of study and debate, lawmakers finally took decisive action to improve Pennsylvania’s laws pertaining to alcohol sales. Historic liquor reform legislation signed into law this year will allow for wine sales in grocery stores, expand hours of operation at state-owned liquor stores and allow consumers to have wine shipped directly to their home. Another law will permit beer distributors to sell growlers and six-packs in addition to cases of beer. The new laws update a system that is among the most restrictive and antiquated in the country.

Addressing the heartbreaking impact of the heroin and opioid epidemic is also a critical issue, particularly here in southwestern Pennsylvania where the consequences of this crisis have been among the most severe of any region in the nation. Several new laws were created to help members of the health care community combat the epidemic, as well as laws to improve addiction treatment and prevent opioids from falling into the wrong hands.

During my first two-year session, three bills I introduced were signed into law. Act 164 of 2016 established a permanent regulatory framework for the operation of Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft in every community in Pennsylvania. Act 47 of 2015 will reduce the use of fresh water in oil and gas drilling operations. Act 70 of 2015 protects highway construction workers and emergency responders by strengthening penalties and increasing fines for distracted and aggressive driving in work zones.

In addition, other proposals I introduced were enacted into law as part of similar pieces of legislation, including a bill designating a portion of State Route 1030 in Donora Borough as Ken Griffey Sr. & Jr. Drive and a new law that limits opioid prescriptions in hospital emergency rooms to minimize the number of individuals at risk of addiction.

In total, lawmakers approved 263 new laws over the past two years. A complete list of legislative accomplishments during the two-year session is available here.

Serving communities in Beaver, Greene and Washington counties is an incredible honor for which I am deeply grateful. I appreciate all of the community residents who have reached out to me to make their voices heard throughout my first two years in the Senate, and I encourage all of you to continue to share your thoughts with me as we prepare for a challenging year ahead in 2017.

White House Warns Against Blaming Religion of Islam After Ohio State Attack

Posted November 29, 2016, 12:42 pm

86758765The Obama administration is warning Americans not to cast blame on Muslims after a student at Ohio State University launched an attack on innocent civilians that was likely inspired by Islamic State terrorists.

“Our response to this situation matters,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters during the press briefing. “If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

Earnest said that although there was evidence that the attacker might have been inspired by extremism, his motives were still under investigation.

Law enforcement investigators have pinpointed the attacker as “likely inspired by ISIS” according to a CNN report release after the White House press briefing.

The attacker posted a message on Facebook that law enforcement officials have released to the public.

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday,” he wrote before the attack. “Btw, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America.”

On Tuesday, the ISIS news agency Amaq claimed the attacker was “a soldier of God,” according to the New Yorker, and might have been inspired by the Islamic State’s terrorist manual.

Earnest praised law enforcement officials for stopping the attack just one minute after it began, preventing the deaths of unarmed victims.

“We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the first responders who reacted so heroically with the situation there,” he said, praising their “bravery and professional skill.”

When Breitbart News asked if the president had contacted heroic Ohio State police Officer Alan Horujko who shot and killed the attacker, Earnest demurred.

Click for full article: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/11/29/white-house-warns-blaming-muslim-religion-islamic-state-inspired-attack/

Letter to the Editor

Posted November 30, 2016, 12:38 pm


Wagner: ‘I will not be a rubber stamp for waste’

I am writing in response to Carl Huber’s letter to the editor (“Scott Wagner playing Scrooge this holiday,” Nov. 28).

Unfortunately, the call center employees have become political hostages of Gov. Wolf – so don’t blame me or my senate colleagues.

I was elected as a Pennsylvania state senator to do a job. I am expected to do my job. I will not be a rubber stamp for waste, fraud and abuse in Harrisburg.

There is an alarming amount of taxpayer money being wasted in Harrisburg. I see it first-hand every day. This project was fed approximately $240 million over the last four years with zero accountability. Now the senate is being pressured into throwing another $57.5 million down a black hole without any questions being asked.

In 2006, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania signed a $106.9 million contract with IBM to be completed in 2009.

IBM’s contract was to give the state a new computer system to track employee wages, employer taxes, handle unemployment claims, appeals, and payments.

In July of 2013, the state terminated the contract with IBM because it was $60 million over budget. The $60 million was in addition to the $106.9 million initial contract, and it was 42 months late. What happened with this contract? Who was held accountable for the cancelled IBM contract?

Later in 2013, the Legislature voted to allocate $60 million per year for four years, and that ends at the end of this year. This was for the same project that was contracted with IBM and then cancelled.

So let’s recap for taxpayers – $106 million plus another $60 million for IBM.  Add the last four years of $60 million per year for a total of $240 million – all for a grand total of more than $400 million in taxpayer money.

Everywhere I go throughout the state, taxpayers complain to me about the pension crisis, school property taxes, and many other hot button issues such as lack of accountability in Harrisburg. If we don’t stop the waste and abuse of taxpayer money, we will never fix other problems in Pennsylvania.

Without getting into too much detail, there is another project that has wasted almost $1 billion of taxpayer money over the last 10 years, and that is the statewide radio system. Guess what – the statewide radio system doesn’t work!

Gov. Wolf recently terminated the 10-year failed radio contract and re-signed with another company in the last 90 days for another stab at the statewide radio project.

That’s another almost $1 billion wasted. Again, I ask – who is being held accountable?

I have a suggestion for the affected employees at the call centers: Why don’t the union officials who represent you and collect dues from the affected employees at the state call centers that Gov. Wolf is threatening to close look into taking legal action to stop the layoffs and force Gov. Wolf to find funding to keep these employees from being laid off?

Instead of criticizing me or my colleagues in the senate, the unions who represent these affected workers and collect dues from these same workers should step up and fight for them.

Is the relationship between these unions and Gov. Wolf too cozy for them to fight for their members?

To Carl Huber: You are obviously a Democrat by your Republican comment in your letter. As an elected Pennsylvania state senator, I represent Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Maybe waste and abuse of taxpayer money in Harrisburg is not an issue for you – but I can assure you a large majority of the taxpayers in Pennsylvania are fed up with Harrisburg.

Obama’s REAL Legacy

Posted November 29, 2016, 12:13 pm

98473298To watch Barack Obama’s pathetic final non-victory lap around the world this past week, one can’t help but recall his stomach-churning “Apologize for America Tour” at the start of his administration.  You’ll recall that in April 2009, he went to Europe, which we sacrificed tens of thousands of American lives to liberate 70-plus years ago, and informed Europeans that America “has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” of Europe.

Last week, Mr. Obama could not resist the urge to dis his country once again, telling the “global community,” again from a foreign shore, that in the age of the internet, nationalism (read: Donald Trump) is rearing its ugly head.  “Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, it’s inevitable that some will seek a comfort in nationalism or tribe or ethnicity or sect,” he informed us from Athens.  He reassured his audience that “American democracy is bigger than any one person.”  (Wink, wink, Donald.)  Fittingly, he then went on to tour the ruins of ancient Greece, before flying off to Berlin to cry on the shoulder of his globalist soul mate, Angela Merkel, another leader looking at a potential uprising by her constituency, frightened by her insane immigration policies.

The choice of debt-ridden Greece, Europe’s worst economic basket case, was oddly appropriate as the location for the start of the swansong tour of the U.S. president who has produced as much American national debt in eight years as all previous American presidents had produced over a span of 220 years combined.  One must wonder if Mr. Obama views pauper Greece as the model America should emulate.

These two globetrotting tours by the man-child president expressing disdain for both his own country and the choices of its people seem the perfect bookends to Obama’s presidency.

His is a presidency that will likely produce shudders for years to come for all sentient Americans who had the misfortune to live through it, but particularly for Democrats.  It was a sheer disaster, both in terms of the reversals the Democrats will see in their policy initiatives and in the depth of Democratic Party political losses down to the state and local levels.

Click for full article: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/11/bookends_to_a_disastrous_presidency.html