Chairman’s Message

by Mark Hrutkay

43643Our Constitution is the instrument that binds our great nation together.  The framers of the Constitution were brilliant Americans who understand the balance needed to protect American liberties.

As Republicans, we respect the Constitution and respect the rule of law.  We believe in a sovereign nation with strong borders and a strong national defense.  We demand effective and efficient government run as you manage your personal household or as successful businesses manage their shareholders money.  Our country is blessed with natural resources that make our standard of living the best in the world.  Our energy from natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, solar and wind is provided to all Americans cheaper than any country in the world.  Millions of Americans are employed by these industries.  We respect what they do and root for their success.  We understand the global economy, but will not sacrifice American jobs or industries that have made our country the greatest on earth. We understand how easy it is for government regulations to choke American businesses and the adverse impact it has on American jobs.

We are not globalists, anarchists or progressives.  We do not violently protest, threaten or harass those that disagree with us.  We do not adopt as our platform obstructionist principles and plans like the anarchist plan “Indivisible”.

We are Republicans, “Respecting the Constitution and the Rule of Law”.