Chairman’s Message

Republican Values and a Little More
May 2017
by Mark Hrutkay

4325555President Trump is delivering great change to our country every day. Aside from all of the noise coming from the obstructionist democrats; the economy, employment, and economic optimism are at historic positive levels.

Once the Trump team delivers on tax cuts the economy will hit an all time high. Remember (It’s the economy stupid)! The democrats can then run on raising taxes and opening the borders back up. That’s a great platform for America! The democrats have one platform, we hate Trump. Oh, I forgot the Russians.

Here is what we stand for, our values;

  • Lower Taxes – more money for Americans
  • Strong Borders – follow the laws and protect Americans
  • Strong Economy – eliminate foolish regulations
  • Effective and Efficient Government – stop wasting our money
  • Strong Military – protect America
  • A Healthcare System that works
  • Appointing judges that respect and follow the constitution

That is not all of them! Notice, they  have not changed in 50 years. Those values have made us a great country and will continue to serve us forever, for our country is the greatest on earth and should be treated as such.

I have been  unable to get a list of values from any democrats as their list has on only one item on it (We hate Trump). I have also have been unable to find one person who voted for President Trump that has changed their position. Those that voted for President Trump are more convinced now than ever  he is the right person to restore American values. While democrats huddle each day to make up new scandals, President Trump pushes ahead to Make America Great Again. Now is not the time to waiver! Stay strong and stay focused on results my fellow Republicans!

Today is a great day and tomorrow will be even better.