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The Left’s Assault on Free Speech – A Battle for Freedom

by Dave Ball
May 2, 2017

5643265On April 28, I spoke before 250 enthusiastic Washington County Republicans and a large number of elected officials.  The theme of the dinner was a very upbeat celebration of President Trump’s first 100 Days and look at how Conservatives will move forward in Washington County.  My message, however, was a very serious warning about not only the future of our conservative message in Washington County but also the future of freedom in America.  The statement was that our Conservative message depends upon our right of free speech and here, in America, that precious right of free speech is in mortal danger.

Liberal fascists have clearly stated that they intend to shut down Conservative voices by any and all means necessary.  Theirs is to be the only voice allowed.  Why?  They are enraged, not unhappy but irrationally enraged, by the outcome of the 2016 election.  They simply cannot believe that the problem is them and their corrupt vision.  They know we are right.  The American people listened to Candidate Trump and knew we were right.  60% of the voters in Washington County said we were right.  The liberal fascists know that if the Conservative voice continues to be heard, the Democrats will never win another election.

Their goal is to intimidate and silence at all levels, from Washington DC to Washington PA, to shut down all Conservative discussion before 2020.  They intend to stall, discredit and delegitimize President Trump’s administration by allowing only the Alt-left message.  This, my friends, is liberal fascism at work.  Never has the attack on free speech been so intense, so coordinated, so well financed and so dangerous to our nation.

Right from the top, the Democratic National Committee elected far left ex- Labor Secretary Tom Perez as its Chairman and even further left Muslim radical Keith Elliot as Vice Chairman.  Where do you think they are headed?  Did any of you happen to catch Perez’ recent profanity laced tirade about Republicans?  That’s their leadership and that’s their direction.  Hillary Clinton supports Perez and his comments.  When Bernie Sanders is awake, he probably does too.

Then we have the comments of the always unhinged Representative Maxine Waters and recent agitation by the former bumbler in chief Obama.  Their common message is clear:  obstruct, slander, delay, shout down, and shut down all voices but their own.  Offer nothing positive, just obstruct.   This is the official position of the Democratic Party, not just the leftist loonies.  The Democrats are all in on undermining free speech in America.

They want to eliminate First Amendment free speech because if they are successful in doing that they will achieve one party government, theirs of course.  If they successfully eliminate the First Amendment, our other rights disappear shortly thereafter.

The major points of this attack are:

  • Conservative media
  • Conservative Politicians
  • Businesses who support President Trump
  • Christians
  • Conservative schools
  • Conservative organizations

I would like to touch on the first two:

The attacks on Conservative media are probably most obvious.  The Alt-left is relentless in its efforts to silence and get rid of the most effective Conservative commentators.  Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are a few that come to mind.  The Alt-left has gone as far as assigning personal monitors to these people to follow every word they say to see what can be attacked.  They inundate the social media platforms with false and misleading statements about these personalities to impugn their reputations and put forward fake accusations of wrong doing as was recently, and unsuccessfully, attempted with Sean Hannity.

They next go after sponsors, threatening boycotts of their products or negative publicity campaigns.  This is the politics of personal destruction.    It is scandalous, it is despicable and it is happening more and more.

What happens if we don’t have any more conservative commentators?  What happens if there are no news outlets other than the likes of CNN and MSNBC? It might be like being at Cal Berkley.  In the words of Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, complaining that President Trump was trying to undermine the media, she said “it’s our job to control exactly what people think”.  The left media really believes that.  That is frightening.

Attacks on politicians are ramping up rapidly.  I would like to bring to your attention two groups that are particularly active in this area.  One is the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, and the other is a group called Indivisible or Resist or one of a number of other local names but it’s all the same Marxist gang.

The SEIU is a huge public sector labor union that has donated literally millions of dollars, some derived from taxpayer money, to Democratic politicians.  They spent a reported $60 million to elect Obama and have a PAC of $220 million.  They are the largest US contributor to Federal elections.  They specifically support far left Democrats who promote big government (that supports their union), high taxes (that pays for their union wages) and left wing public policy (that promotes public sector unions and entitlement programs).  There is no doubt that the SEIU regards President Trump as a threat to its existence and has stated that it will do everything possible to discredit and undermine his administration.  They have the money to make this a credible threat.

Anyone familiar with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is familiar with SEIU tactics.  The SEIU employs “Muscle for Money”, it hires disruptive demonstrators, disrupts events held by groups it opposes such as meetings, banquets, and other company functions.  They flood political meetings of opponents, shout down speakers and intimidate other attendees.

The second group that deserves special consideration is relatively new on the scene.  That is Indivisible.  Indivisible was established after President Trump’s victory by five former Democratic Congressional staffers.

Indivisible’s first order of business was to launch a website with instructions to leftists and budding anarchists on how to counter what they termed the “radical, racist and sexist” objectives of President Trump.  Interesting since this appeared before his actual agenda did.  Key to this “toolkit” for radicals was a handbook titled, “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

The Indivisible Guide flatly rejects the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.  The guide advises the leftists to be “purely defensive”, that is to expend their energies on opposing Trump rather than on developing their own policy agenda.  The strategy is to redirect the Trump administration away from their priorities on the theory that, and I quote,  “every day they spend worrying about Indivisible protests and interference is a day that will not be spent dismantling Obamacare, privatizing schools or preparing a Muslim registry”.

The Indivisible Guide states that leftists should attend and disrupt town hall meetings held by Republican elected officials and dominate the discussion with prepared and hostile questions to put the elected officials on the defensive.  The Indivisible manual recommends that members scatter themselves throughout the audience to avoid the appearance of collaboration and to give the appearance of broad consensus, applaud one another’s questions and responses, collectively boo responses from the elected officials and record everything to play on social media or give to reporters.

The Guide suggests that leftists collectively attend events at which Republican elected officials will appear such as parades or ceremonies, dress similarly so they stand out as a group, carry signs to attract attention, disrupt what is going on, demand to be heard, chant slogans, and threaten the local sponsor of the event.

As an extension of this tactic, the Indivisible guide also exhorts its anarchist adherents to gather at Congressmen’s District Offices and either confront the official, obstruct the flow of business, intimidate staffers or create a media event (or all of the above).  The guide also advocates “denial of service” tactics such as jamming elected officials phone lines and social media accounts for extended periods of time.  Does all this have a familiar ring to it?

As with the SEIU, Indivisible is pure Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky counseled that leftist activists do whatever they can to cause confusion, fear and retreat on the part of their enemies.  “Threaten, always threaten.  If your organization is small in numbers, conceal the members in the dark but raise a din and clamor that will make the listener believe that your organization numbers many more than it does.”

We have seen the SEIU and Indivisible in action in the Washington County area using exactly the tactics described.  They have swarmed meetings and shouted down speakers.  They have taken over informational meetings held by elected officials and dominated the discussion with prepared and coordinated hostile questioning.  They have coopted local charitable and non-profit groups to serve as foils to draw attention to fake town hall meetings and then issued very imaginative press releases.  They have regularly gathered at Congressional District Offices in a confrontational manner, intimidating staff and denying essential services to other people.  True to the Indivisible and Alinsky script, not one positive idea has been put forth, only obstruction and disruption.

The big question for us is how do we move forward?  How do we continue to take the Conservative message to the people of Washington County?  Allow me leave a few thoughts in your minds:

  • Do not be intimidated or back down
  • Call out the Alt-left and anarchists – don’t let them get away with their lies and distortions
  • They are bullies and cannot stand being confronted by truth and force – they have no answer for truth and no backbone for force
  • Instill doubt – doubt is a powerful tool – make them doubt that they are right – make their followers doubt they are right
  • Rational discussion is useless as they are not rational so don’t try to engage them in dialogue
  • The answer to bad speech is more speech and better speech – keep up the fight. We are not trying to sell the radicals but rather the rest of the people
  • Speak out at every opportunity
  • Convince local media to present conservative comment
  • Use social media – they think they invented it and own it. This is where our Young Republicans can be very helpful.
  • Let elected officials and their staffs know we support them

Most importantly, we need to come together as Republicans.  We need to stop fighting with each other.  The democrats provide a sufficiently target rich environment.  We need to think strategically about the core beliefs of Conservatism.  The liberal fascists hate us and are doing all in their power to make us disappear by killing free speech.  That must never, never happen.  The threat is real.  The threat is here.  Stand firm with our Conservative message of freedom and democracy.  Help President Trump Make America Great Again.

God bless all who protect and defend our nation.  God bless America.

When Conservatives Celebrate Socialism

by Dave Ball
April 19, 2017

conservativesTo Conservatives, belief in an open and free economy and in the free market is a core belief.

We, as conservatives, espouse the free enterprise system, talk endlessly about reward for performance and view redistribution of wealth as the ultimate pox of socialism.  We disavow the politically correct practice of rewarding “participation”.  We encourage competition and boldly declare that, in this world, there are winners and there are losers.

It would seem, at first glance, that America’s love affair with professional sports is the personification of the gladiatorial spirit of free market competition, the reward for performance, mano-a-mano battle free of political correctness and socialism.  But, on further review, is it?  Have American professional sports instead become the poster child for everything that Conservatives say they abhor?

Let’s look at professional sports at the macro level, the league level.  Whether we are talking basketball, baseball, hockey or football, each year begins with a large number of teams competing for a championship. The National football League has 32 teams and the National Basketball, Baseball and Hockey leagues each have 30 teams.  The baseball season is 162 games long, the basketball and hockey seasons are 82 games long and the football season is 16 games long.  At the end of those seasons, championship playoffs begin.  In baseball, 10 teams make the playoffs meaning 162 games only eliminates 67% of the teams from championship consideration.  In football, 12 teams make the playoffs meaning 16 games have eliminated only 63% of the teams.  In hockey and basketball, 16 teams make the playoffs so 82 games eliminate less than half the teams from championship consideration.

After what seems like endless rounds of playoffs, each league finally crowns a champion.  A triumph for the concept of competition?  Hardly.  This is where the losers win.  There is no cost to the teams that perform poorly, that don’t make the playoffs, and that give their fans little to cheer about during the regular season.  In fact, this is where redistributive socialism kicks in.  The worst teams are rewarded with the early picks in the amateur drafts.  “Winning” high draft picks is so valuable that teams have been known to tank at the end of a miserable season to assure an early draft pick.  The rationale for this is a nebulous concept called “parity”.  I call it the ultimate participation trophy.  Someone needs to explain to me where ”parity” fits into the conservative understanding of competition and free market economy.  Parity might have some validity if professional sports were purely entertainment but it is assuredly not.  It is big business.  Successful teams make millions of dollars, entire industries such as broadcast and cable TV, equipment and apparel are dependent on professional sports teams and the franchises themselves are often worth a billion dollars.  Movies are entertainment.  But even there, have you ever heard of the director of a box office flop being awarded first pick of scripts and stars for his next film?  Didn’t think so.

Professional sports are cartels, legally protected cartels.  The number of franchises are fixed.  Entry barriers are exorbitant.  The franchises are controlled by those who own the other franchises so there is virtually no market mobility.  Host cities, and hence taxpayers, are frequently extorted for public funds to build stadiums and provide other tax benefits by the threat of moving a franchise.  All this is far short of the conservative ideal of free market competition and free economy.

The single largest source of revenue is broadcast rights.  The multi-billion dollar revenue from this is shared in various ways by the leagues with larger shares often going to poorer performing franchises.  Basketball receives about $4 billion in broadcast revenue that is shared according to team’s markets.  Football, also with about $4 billion in broadcast revenue, shares that equally among all teams.  There are initiatives on the part of the players union to also require that stadium revenues from things like luxury boxes and concession sales also be shared.  How socialist is that?  Baseball has a complicated revenue sharing system that diverts more revenue from high revenue (aka large market) teams to low revenue teams – low performance has its rewards.  Hockey also has a revenue sharing system to subsidize smaller market and lower performing teams.

So, to summarize American professional sports leagues, they are legally protected cartels with impenetrable entry barriers that practice monopoly business and blatantly socialist redistribution of wealth to reward those who perform poorly in the market place.  How many of us Conservatives are, literally or figuratively, in the stands cheering on this behavior?

In European soccer, there is a tiered structure to leagues.  There is an elite league composed of only the very best performing teams and then there are lesser leagues of progressively less talented teams.  Each year, the teams that perform least well in the higher leagues are “relegated” to lower leagues and the high performing teams from lower leagues are promoted to higher status leagues.  Performance does indeed have consequences.  The higher the league, the greater the revenue potential.  There is no subsidy of poor performing teams because they are your competition to survival in the league.  There is no chance that the 16th best performing team will be in a playoff series with the top team.  The regular season has consequences, right down to the last day.  The system may not be perfect, in fact is not, but it is a lot closer to a free market product than American sports.

My point in this discussion is that professional sports is a metaphor for much of what is wrong in the way conservatives like to talk about their values.  Our values are too often “squishy” and not rock solid.  We say things one must wonder if we really understand and if we really mean.  If we do understand and if we do mean what we say, are we really willing to defend what we say?

Think about it.  The free market/free enterprise example afforded by professional sports is but one example.  Who is ready to stand up and campaign for legislation removing the monopoly status of professional sports?  Who is willing to support tiered leagues, even if it means that a local team, based on its performance, might not be a “major league” team?  Do we really mean that a core principle of conservatism applies to everything or just things we want it to apply to?

Democrats Being Democrats – Blatant Voter Fraud Charged in Philadelphia 197th District Special Election

by Dave Ball
March 31, 2017

7456765476The 197th Legislative District is located in North Philadelphia.  It is home to 57,125 people, 73.5% black and 2.9% Hispanic.  85% of the registered voters are Democrat but in most elections about 95% of the vote is Democrat, not an unusual situation in the City of Brotherly Love.

On March 21st, a Special Election was held in the 197th District because the incumbent was forced to resign in January having pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering, a federal felony.  The Democratic candidate in the Special Election was removed from the ballot when his residency was successfully challenged.  The Democrats nominated a replacement but filed too late.  The Green Party also nominated a candidate and also filed too late.  This left Republican Lucinda Little as the only candidate on the ballot.  The Green Party and Democratic candidates pursued write in campaigns.  Not to worry in Philadelphia.  Write- ins present all sorts of opportunity for creative voting.

Election day saw an anemic turnout.  2,442 of the 197th District’s upstanding citizens allegedly showed up at the polls to do their civic duty.  Even with about 95% of the registered voters, the Democratic machine felt compelled to crank up the fraud machine.  So much so that the Pennsylvania State Republican Party is filing a Federal Lawsuit to have the election voided and asking PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro to launch an investigation.  See the video link below of the PAGOP Press conference:

PA GOP and Philly GOP Press Conference

State GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio notes that they have never seen such blatant tampering or violations of the magnitude that occurred in this election.  Tampering with ballots, staffing polling locations with unauthorized poll workers, and election board officials handing out “write in” stamps are serious violations of our election code he noted.  The violations were so blatant that even a well know Democratic Party attorney is joining in the lawsuit.

The Democrat write-in won with 1,964 votes, the Green Party Write-in received 280 votes and the Republican on the ballot received 198 votes.  No, the Republican wouldn’t have won even if the election were fair but the point is that if the Democrats will go hyper fraud in a walk over election, what will happen in competitive races?

This is a great lesson for us as to why we need our Judges of Election and poll watchers.  It is the only way we have to assure fair and honest elections.  It is also a good reminder of what Democrats do when you don’t watch them.  They’ve done it since Tammany Hall days.  It is part of their DNA.

With the Democrat’s Selection of Tom Perez and Keith Ellison as Party Chairman and Vice Chairman it’s Game On

by Dave Ball
March 10, 2017

6754376543Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t pay much attention to who the Democrats chose as the head of the DNC.  One liberal no-mind is pretty much the same as the next.  We do not live in normal times, however, and the choice they made is very significant to Republicans.

In the eight years of Obama mismanagement, the Democrats suffered one setback after another as Obama led the party steadily left.  After the November election, the extent of the carnage was evident for even the most disbelieving liberal to see.  Not only was Clinton not anointed Czarina as they all expected but they held neither legislative house and lost badly in state elections across the nation.  The Democrats found themselves at an historic low point on the power curve.  The country had soundly repudiated leftist progressivism.  Their party landscape was a nuclear wasteland.  The Democrats were fractured, with young dems supporting the antiquarian Bernie Sanders and Pocahontas Warren.  Older dems clung to the Clinton myth, criminality and all.  None could seem to understand the reality that neither their message nor their candidates offered anything that America wanted.

Limping into the Democratic National Convention, even the dems realized that new leadership and new direction was critically needed.  The question to the average delegate was who and what direction.  To the leadership, this had been determined.  In the end, it came down to Tom Perez, Obama’s former Labor Secretary and Keith Ellison, Nation of Islam member and Representative from Minnesota.  To many, this seemed the devil’s own choice.  Ellison is about as radical as they come.  A Muslim, possibly the most radical member of Congress, who would represent a turn to the far, far left.  Ellison was regarded by some as a potentially suicidal choice.  Why these two?  When Perez was elected on the second ballot by a 235 – 200 margin, seemingly to appease the Sanders faction, many democrats heaved a sigh of relief, assuming they had dodged a bullet and escaped an openly deranged radical extremist.  Because Perez was seen as not as extreme as Ellison, he was immediately defined as “moderate” and declared just the Moses needed to lead the dems out of their troubles and into the land of milk and honey (or socialism to the democrats).  His first action as Chairman was to appoint Ellison as his Vice Chairman.  Way to dodge the bullet, so much for selecting a moderate and does anyone think there was not a plan behind this.

Looking into Perez’ past as a predictor of the future is pretty scary.  This is not a good person.  Perez headed a group that took a $1.5 million donation from Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to help illegal immigrants flaunt U.S. immigration law.  His father was Ambassador to the US from the Dominican Republic and a well know operative for Dominican Republic thug Rafael Trujillo.  In his early days working for Obama, Perez was an Assistant Attorney General who declined to prosecute the infamous Black Panthers who stood outside Philadelphia polling places with clubs.  Why should he prosecute them?  They were helping his party and he was the ever- faithful company man.  Then there was the issue of uncounted military ballots.  As long as these were considered to be mostly Republican, Perez refused to take up the case.  When it became known that many were probably democratic votes, he got interested quickly.  And of course there was the matter of his failure to halt obvious voter fraud in Florida by stopping the state from purging 182,000 non-citizens from the voter rolls.  He has also filed many lawsuits against municipalities to force them to ignore tests for police and fire fighters and to implement affirmative action hiring plans.

It should be pretty clear that Tom Perez is an ultra- left activist and no moderate.  Why, then, would Democrats want to install two ultra- leftists when “leftward ho” worked out so well for them over the past eight years?  The dems, under a continuing Obama influence, and financed by Obama money, have several objectives.  One is to transform America into a Muslim loving democratic socialist nation.  To do this, the democrats must do a couple things.  One is to change existing voter laws so that immigrants, and specifically illegal immigrants, can vote.  This will swamp some traditionally blue states and give the democrats lasting and unbreakable power on the presidency and most probably the Senate.  They will replace the blue collar and labor vote that they have lost with the low knowledge Hispanic vote.  Think of it – tens of millions of easily controlled low information voters in the fastest growing demographic and a demographic that can be grown even faster with open borders.  This is the Democrat strategy.  Open borders and changed election laws.  Slimy, underhanded, illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, yup, but nothing new for them.

We, as Republicans, must understand what we are witnessing and fight it with all our power.  We need to close ranks around the President, stop bickering about small issues and focus on the coming Democrat/MSM onslaught because it has started already.  Look at the irrational pushback on immigration control.  Look at challenge after challenge to perfectly reasonable voter ID laws.  Look at burgeoning unassimilated Hispanic communities in border states and elsewhere.  Look at irrational decisions by radical left courts allowing voting by non-citizens.  Look at the constant attempts to marginalize the President and thwart his programs.  It’s all there, folks.  The plan is in motion.

The election of Tom Perez with Keith Ellison as his assistant was no accident or fluke.  It is part of a long term and well- funded plan.

It is time to fight because it’s game on.

President Donald Trump Emerges

by Dave Ball
March 1, 2017

trump_widowLast night while watching his speech to Congress, I was really proud of our President.  Last night Donald J. Trump clearly demonstrated to all Americans and to the world that he is the President of the United States of America.  There is no doubt that this nation made the right choice last November.

President Trump began his speech with a message of unity and of strength.  He called for the renewal of the American spirit.  He called for an America that is strong, proud and free.  He noted that he had made many promises during his campaign and that he and his administration would keep those promises to the American people.

Last night’s speech was not the dark and often confrontational inaugural address.  Last night Donald Trump proved that he has become the President of this great nation.  The President certainly laid out his agenda but he also extended a hand to his opponents to work with him for the good of our nation.  He offered a number of areas where compromise is possible.  While his speech may not have hit the rhetorical chords of a Ronald Reagan, it was solid, held attention and occasionally rose to emotional high points as when he introduced the widow of war hero Ryan Owens who received a two minute ovation.

Overall, Democrats should be scared to death by this speech.  Many entered the evening expecting the President to self-destruct with barbs and partisan jabs providing endless fodder for the talking heads of the main stream media to eviscerate him with over the coming weeks.  Initial reaction was amazingly muted because the President gave a great speech.  Oh, they will find plenty to talk about but it will be minutia.  Some will say he didn’t provide enough detail, some will say he didn’t mention one thing or another.  Others will take exception to a particular program.  Even Republicans will find fault as some will find his programs not conservative enough and others will find them too conservative.  He had one hour to cover a game plan for the entire country.  Not everything fits into that time slot.

Some major takeaways from the President’s speech, at least in my view, were:

  • There will be major changes in tax structure. The focus will be on tax reductions for the middle class and tax reform to make businesses competitive.  The focus of reform will be to create American jobs.  While lacking in the detail that business analysts no doubt were looking for, this is a work in progress within the administration.  I think the President wise to wait until there is some agreement before offering details.
  • The President spent significant time on the immigration issue and did a very good job positioning it as an issue of safety for Americans. He clearly enunciated the words, “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, something Obama could not get out of his mouth.  He clearly stated that the purpose of the immigration moratorium was to provide adequate vetting procedures to be put in place to protect Americans.  He said that the administration will reform the system of legal immigration to improve jobs for Americans, strengthen American Security and assure that everyone follows American law.  As the camera panned around the Democrat seating areas, they looked pretty ridiculous staring stonefaced and sitting on their hands when he talked about making America safer.
  • One of the two initiatives raised by the President that I don’t really understand is his proposal to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. Obama proposed a similar “stimulus” package that proved to be a major boondoggle.  Obama’s plan was supposed to be for “shovel ready” jobs and it turned out there were not very many.  The fear is that this proposal will turn into a major league pork package with little real impact.  He spoke of “public-private” partnerships to fund it but, again, that does not have a track record of practicality.  I hope people keep an open mind about this proposal until the details emerge but it does not seem like a very conservative Republican plan on face value.  This is not to say that our infrastructure is not in disastrous shape and badly needs to be addressed, however.
  • The second proposal somewhat out of the blue was the President’s proposal for paid family leave. Not only is this not Conservative, it is not even Republican.  It is, however, a cause championed by his daughter Ivanka.  This may be very difficult to get any real Republican support on.
  • The President had a great moment when he introduced Denisha Merriweather during his proposal for school choice. The President aimed this message at all demographics.  Yes, our children most definitely deserve a chance to learn, despite teachers unions and crumbling city school systems.  That learning can occur in many different formats.  Just be aware that there are consequences for municipalities as children move from public to private to charter to home school settings.
  • The President offered strong support for the military, pledging to restore our fighting force to its premier position in the world after a decade or more of neglect. He also said that while we will support our allies, they must contribute their share to that support.  The President emphasized that we will strengthen our military and back our allies and rid the earth of the Islamic State.
  • Then, of course, there was healthcare. The President vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that expands choice, reduces cost and provides better outcomes.  Such a plan, he said, will cover existing conditions and provide a transition from current plans.  It will help Americans to purchase their own coverage – the plan that they want.  No one will be left out.  The plan will change the legal landscape to protect doctors and healthcare providers from high legal costs and will provide access to plans across state lines.

The President finished big by pledging to break the cycle of violence in the cities and to support veterans.  He said, “The time for small thinking is over”.  Indeed it is.

It was really interesting watching the Democrats throughout the speech.  Their behavior, with few exceptions, was embarrassing and infantile.  I suppose at some level, we should be glad that America had the chance to view how stupid these folks really are.  They are in the hall of congress, in the midst of a large number of enthusiastic people,  listening to a positive speech about the greatness of America.  In this setting, they chose to act out like small children.  It began with the democrat females wearing white outfits which, if nothing else, made them look like a visiting nurses aid society.  The head “mean girl” Nancy Pelosi sat there with a peeved look on her face making snide comments to those near her.  She refused to applaud or stand even for the most patriotic and positive comments.  Pelosi and Keith Ellison refused to stand even when the widow of Ryan Owens was introduced.  That was rude, stupid and disrespectful.  The Democrats, as a group, would not applaud when the President spoke of protecting the American people, saving major cities, reducing violence, bringing back manufacturing or de-regulating the economy.  Might it be that if these things were done, it would expose what a fraud the past eight years have been?

One can understand why the Democrats would not applaud the President’s call to reduce illegal immigration since that is the Democrat equivalent of a voter registration drive.  It’s hard to understand why they would not applaud calls to eliminate sanctuary cities unless you understand they favor illegal alien criminals over law abiding American citizens.  The Democrats do not want to protect the United States or keep it safe.  They want to see Islamics overrun Israel.  They do not want Americans to control their own well being since they see this as the place of the central government elite.  There are 94 million people out of work and 43 million people on food stamps.  We are in the midst of the weakest recovery in history.  Iran is building an atomic bomb and so is North Korea.  Cuba is still a communist hell hole.  Poverty and crime have increased in the last eight years.  The military is appreciably weaker.  This is the legacy of Barack Obama and the Democrats.  If they sat through this speech in silence, it should have been in shame.

A month ago, the Democrats and the media regarded President Trump as a buffoon or worse.  Last night their greatest fear was realized.  Donald Trump is the President of the United States and he has a strong vision to make this nation great again.  He also has the drive and skill to make it happen.  Democrats are an endangered species.

Last night we saw two things; a President with a vision and a group of petulant children still pouting because they lost.  The democrats have some tough choices to make.  They can grow up and cooperate, or at least not obstruct, or they can suffer another trouncing in 2018.  As Republicans, it is our task to assure that we keep the pressure on and the momentum going.  I’m all for another trouncing in 2018 cooperation or not.

Of Town Hall Meetings and Braying Jackasses

by Dave Ball
February 27, 2017

675786Town Hall Meeting – a forum in which elected officials meet with citizens to answer questions and discuss issues of interest.

At least that is what a Town Hall Meeting used to be before the hard left appropriated the forum as a vehicle to showcase Saul Alinsky tactics of deception and intimidation.

The left has obviously not gotten over the fact that they lost the election and Hillary was not anointed Comrade President to continue the Obama socialist takeover of America.  For America, this is great news.  We will survive and thrive under President Trump.  We will return America to greatness and that is, apparently, what is scaring the daylights out of the left.  They see their dream of shredding the Constitution and turning this nation into a third world “worker’s paradise” going up in smoke and they are behaving like little children, throwing a tantrum and stamping their feet.

We see news reports of Senior Democratic officials saying that they will respond to the increasing desire of their way-to-the-left liberal base and wage an all-out war against President Trump.  Less than two months and there goes the idea of “bi-partisanship” on anything.  To refresh everyone’s minds as to what Bipartisanship is, it has three major definitions.  Bi-partisanship is what Democrats usually seek when they are in the minority and want Republicans to “work with them” to pass programs favored by democrats. “Bi-Partisanship” is what weak willed RINOs usually exhibit that keeps Conservative programs from being implemented.  “Bipartisanship” is what Democrats forget all about when they are in the majority.

Speaking to the “all-out war”, Governor Jay Inslee (D) of Washington, and a poster child for the loony left, is quoted as saying, “My belief is, we have to resist every way and everywhere, every time we can.”

How is the Inslee War Strategy likely to work out?  Well, let’s see, Obama shifted the Democratic Party ever leftward and under his brilliant leadership the Democrats lost 11 Senate seats, 62 House seats and 10 Governorships as well as about 1000 state legislative seats.  I would certainly encourage Democrats to continue in this leftward strategy and to follow Inslee and the Democrat “senior leadership”.  It may be possible to have 90% majorities in both houses.

It seems that the leftist zealots driving the Democrats further left believe that mobilizing useful idiots, unions and socialist groups, (but that’s redundant, isn’t it), for street protests, breaking windows, burning cars, carrying profane signs, wearing vulgar outfits and other childish agitation is the way they will achieve victory.  It seems not to have occurred to the radicals that this is simply pushing their party further away from the American public, the adults, the people who vote.  It is catering only to the interests of the coastal extremes of the party.  Hating President Trump as a central focus is not a strategy for winning elections; it is an emotional response of immature adolescents.

All of this brings us to recent happenings in Washington County and surrounding areas.  These are the phony “Town Hall Meetings” staged by left wing union groups and Democrats intended to ambush Republican legislators.  The MO goes like this; a Democrat group, in association with some group like the SEIU, announces a Town Hall meeting with a Congressman on short notice, generally failing to invite the Congressman or only “inviting” the Congressman at the last minute.  Why would the elected official want to attend such a function where there are essentially no rules and there is no intent to discuss anything, only to harangue and harass?  We saw one example of this when Congressman Tim Murphy was “invited” to a Town Hall meeting at the Court House in Washington.  Democrats aided by the SEIU and a local non-profit made sure that the deck was heavily stacked with SEIU demonstrators and sign carriers.  Not only was the Congressman not invited but the sponsors told the press that Congressman Murphy had cancelled and was known to cancel from these events.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To compound the bias and illegality, the Democrat County Commissioners allowed the rally to take place in the Commissioner’s meeting room despite specific county policy prohibiting such events in county facilities.  The good news is very few people actually showed up.  A group from the non-profit and the SEIU people and staffers were probably the majority of the 40 or so in attendance.

Earlier, Congressman Murphy was scheduled to speak to a class at Duquesne University.  Someone posted signs around campus urging mass attendance and urging people to ask questions about all sorts of topics not related to the purpose of the class.  When it became apparent that there would probably be people who were not only not part of the class but not part of the University in attendance and probably there to agitate and harass and that the campus police could not provide adequate security (despite statements made later), Cong. Murphy had no choice but to cancel his appearance.

The left, of course, has a field day pumping out lie after lie to their compliant media buddies about elected officials being afraid to discuss issues with constituents and cancelling meetings. This is when they take time away from lying about the impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act and controlling immigration.

It is a sad state of affairs but the Democrats have moved so far left that they no longer know or care what truth is.  They are scared to death that President Trump will do exactly what he promised from one end of his campaign to the other – to dismantle the administrative mess that Obama created.  They will tell whatever lies they can and create whatever fake news stories they can to try to discredit the President and maintain their cozy socialist publicly supported positions.  What, me work?

It’s over for them.  Socialism ends when the people with the money (that’s you and me, the taxpayers) refuse to keep paying.  We are there.  It is up to us to keep up the momentum we gained in November, to support our elected Republicans and to bury the whining and corrupt left.

There is much work to do.  It begins with replacing the Unaffordable Care Act and extends on to protecting our borders, protecting the vote, promoting business, housecleaning government bureaucracy and reforming taxes.  That’s just the beginning.

God bless our great nation.

Distorted Media View of America


by Dave Ball
January 23, 2017

Switching from channel to channel over the weekend was really interesting.  Firstly, it once again reminded me that I need to get outside more.  More than that, however, it painted a clear picture of the distorted view of America that is being portrayed by our media.

At a macro level, the picture being presented was ten miles wide and a half- inch deep.  It was all show and no analysis but that, unfortunately, is what we have come to expect from most of our media.  Long gone are the true journalists, replaced by sound bite sensationalists, who are capable only of sending  pictures edited to satisfy their political or social agenda with no analysis or analytical perspective.  On the receiving side, the “one channel public”, people who receive their “news” from only one source that sooths their political or social perspective because they have never been taught the art of critical thought, soak up the images and never question the commentary.

I saw what we all saw.  Endless hours of long range shots of mobs of mostly women parading in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.  Some carrying signs, many wearing shirts with logos of various natures.  There were also shots of hoodlums breaking windows, burning cars, burning trash containers, destroying traffic signs and defacing buildings.  The incessant message from the breathless talking heads was that these were huge protests against President Trump.  That’s the half inch deep view.

No one was delving more deeply into who it was that was demonstrating, why they were there, and what caused such emotion in the first place.

To address the last question first, this nation has just endured eight years of the most divisive administration in memory.  President Obama played the race and class cards on a regular basis.  Further, he went out of his way to pursue an imperial presidency wherein much of his agenda was implemented by executive order creating further division.  A constant vector to the left politically alienated much of the country as polls time and again clearly showed.  Prior to the campaign, a Pugh Poll showed the United States was as politically divided as it ever had been in its history.  A bitter campaign simply compounded the divide.  It should, therefore, be no surprise that President Trump begins his presidency with a divided nation.  The shame is how half of that nation is reacting to not being on the winning side.  In 2008 and in 2012 Conservatives were equally disappointed at not winning but they did not display their disappointment by acting out like undisciplined pre-school children.  Part of the problem may well be that many of today’s liberals have grown up in the “participation award” environment where they have never learned they can’t have everything they want, where they have no self-discipline.  These are the snowflakes that populate our college campuses and need therapy animals and play dough to deal with the “trauma” of an adverse happening in their lives.  These emotionally immature individuals may well be many of those who were acting out in some of the demonstrations.

Interviews with demonstrators and rioters ran the gamut from cogent to inane.  Some of the marchers were able to articulate the cause they represented and why they were there.  More were not able to articulate much of anything other than they were “just mad”.  Organizers and speakers had various messages, again some cogent and some simply rabble rousing emotionalism.  What was absolutely lacking was anything resembling the advertised inclusivity.  Only one point of view was welcome and other views were clearly excluded.  The march was definitely not about empowering all women but focused entirely on aggrieved leftists of the professional victim class.

What were the causes represented?  Pretty much everything near and dear to the political left.  There were of course the Pro-Choice abortion supporters, pro-gay marriage and pro-gay rights (whatever they are as opposed to anyone else’s rights) supporters, pro-marijuana supporters, pro-immigration supporters, Black lives Matter fans, Multiple lives (black, brown, Muslim etc.) matter fans (the same people who deride the “All Lives Matter” people) and, of course, those who simple hate President Trump because he wasn’t their choice.

My point is simply that, contrary to what many MSM newscasts might have their audiences believe, the marches were not a single issue protest against President Trump.  Many demonstrators were proclaiming the same causes they have been demonstrating for, for many years.  Many were not demonstrators at all but, rather, thugs and hooligans goaded on to commit malicious damage.  The gathering was large because the previous administration had spent eight years developing a polarized and divided America and the venue was in the heart of liberal territory.

Free speech is a very fundamental right that we enjoy in this nation.  For those that were expressing a point of view in a peaceful manner, as many were, that is their right whether we agree with their view or not.  Those that stepped over the line of tasteful discourse by the use of obscene language or apparel, and there were many in this group, they need to grow up.  What they are doing is purely exhibitionism and in poor taste.  It is really hard to ascribe any credibility to celebrity speakers like Madonna and Ashley Judd when they talk about being loud and vulgar people or about blowing up the White House.  Someone needs to explain how this advances the cause of women.

The hooligans who were destroying and damaging property were pretty easy to pick out of the crowd because most obviously were not part of any of the groups represented.  Some may have been hired thugs, some may have simply been opportunists.  In any case, of the 250 arrested and charged with felony rioting, if convicted, a large number need to be given jail terms and large fines.  Thugs need to understand that the Obama policy of “room to riot” is over.  Law and order is now the way of the land.

Our media needs to stop pouting and feuding and start a return actual journalism wherein they analyze events and look for causes and driving forces rather than editing sound bites to fit political and social agendas.


The Speech I Heard

trumpby Dave Ball
January 21, 2017

Like a very large number of Americans, I watched President Trump’s Inaugural Address on Friday.  Apparently the address that I watched was not the same one seen by a number of media outlets and talking heads.  This is the real story of what needs to be changed in America.

President Trump gave a very strong and direct speech in which he minced no words in describing how his administration would govern.  He clearly stated a number of things: he said that we, the citizens of America,are joined in an effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise to all people, that together we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.  He said we are transferring power from Washington back to the American people.  He said that the establishment, the power elite in Washington, protected itself but not the citizens of this country.  He said that what truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people.

President Trump said that the oath of office he took is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.  He said that the day of America enriching foreign countries to our detriment is over.  From this day forward, it is America first.  He then went on to enumerate multiple ways in which that vision will benefit all Americans.

President Trump spoke of a new national pride and of spreading opportunity to all Americans.  Whether born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or on the windswept plains of Nebraska, every child will be able to look up and be filled with the same dreams and be infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.

This is the speech I heard, and I know this is what I heard because I am reading the transcript as I write.  A writer in the Guardian wrote, “His inaugural address sounded like any speech at a Trump rally.  The scene was a campaign event writ large, with massive cheering crowd of white people wearing “Make America Great Again” red caps.  Like his tone as a candidate, the new president’s voice was angry and dripping with pessimism….President Trump drew a dark picture of a country under siege from foreign trade competitors, Muslim terrorists and Washington insiders.  There were no grace notes.”  What speech did she watch?   His sin, apparently, was that he didn’t use any of his short time “extending olive branches” and well wishes and being magnanimous.  Then, apparently, the writer was appalled that he was rude to the Obamas.  I wonder if she remembers Obama’s first inaugural speech and his comments about President Bush?  At that point, she goes completely off the rails from talking about the inaugural speech and criticizes the “unprepared billionaires who displayed their ignorance at hearings last week”..and on to a love fest about Rep. John Lewis.  Just for the record, President Trump mentioned terrorists once, in one sentence.

Leaders around the world seemed much more circumspect in their comments, as one would expect.  Pope Francis urged Mr. Trump to show concern for the poor, Mexico’s president said that “we will work to strengthen our relationship with shared responsibility.  The British offered President Trump “their warmest congratulations.

American celebrities, mostly snowflakes, were predictably distraught, seeing nothing but doom and gloom although none were speaking from Canada as they had promised.  Local news media largely ignored the inauguration except to report on area residents who attended and to emphasize riots and demonstrations as opposed to the event itself.

So, how can it be that a speech that was very uplifting to all Americans, that promised to return government to the people, that promised to put America first in the dealings of the nation be seen as dark and gloomy?  It only can from the perspective of special interests who feed off the government and depend on central government for their existence at the expense of the rest of us.  In November Americans rose up and said they had had enough of that;  That working Americans, those who paid the taxes, were tired of subsidizing bloated bureaucracies and overpaid bureaucrats.  They were tired of governance by executive order.  America was not achieving greatness under the socialist vision of Obama and the democrats and America wanted a change.

Friday at noon change arrived.