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November 20, 2017

Instant Background Check Systems (NICS & PICS) Do Not Stop Criminals: With one exception, mass murderers over the last decade from Virginia Tech in 2007 to the recent shootings in Nevada and Texas passed NICS (National Instant Background Check System) checks to purchase their firearms. The exception was the school shooter in 2012 who stole his firearms. Even when NICS denies a firearm sale, there is almost a 100% chance it is in error. According to a Justice Department Study of the 76,142 NICS denials in 2010, only 62 (8/10ths of 1%) were charged with a crime. Per Professor John Lott, over 99% of those denied by NICS are false positives, such as people with names similar to a prohibited possessor. The late Senator Ted Kennedy experienced something similar when he found himself on the federal “no fly” list. With some politicians, “How stupid can you get?” seems to be viewed as a challenge.

Despite NICS being a massive failure at stopping criminals from buying guns, politicians are now pushing to “fix” NICS. Instead of putting the focus on real criminals they want NICS to have more data about you, the law-abiding gun owner, particularly your “mental health.”

The Mental Health Ruse

Politicians are telling us that if more mental health data about you was pro-vided to NICS we could prevent another mass murder. The definition of “mental illness” is largely in the eye of the be-holder. Those who want to disarm you believe that your mere desire to possess a firearm is proof you are mentally ill. The Obama Administration successfully reclassified Veterans as prohibited possessors for mental health reasons because they had difficulty balancing their checkbooks. Social Security recipients were also targeted. Where does it end? Maybe we should feed everyone’s medicine prescriptions into NICS? After all isn’t someone taking anti-depressants mentally ill? And, maybe have the Postal Service report on the magazines you subscribe to? How about the TV programs you watch, the books you read or the websites you visit? In today’s automated world, all of that is readily available.

And let’s not forget the organizations you belong to or the places where you worship. Maybe the feds should speak to your family and neighbors before authorizing your firearm purchase?

Government Negligence Assisting Mass Murderers?

We are constantly told by government that more laws are the answer to stopping violent criminals! Yet recent tragic events have exposed what FOAC has been saying since the Columbine School murders; that government has failed, in virtually every instance, to use the laws that already exist to stop the killers.

Now Senator Cornyn has come out with a ‘Fix NICS’ bill (S.2135) that is fixated on forcing government agencies and all the branches of the military to report those with a criminal record to NCIC and NICS. In his press release for this new legislation, Senator Cornyn reveals the ‘facts’ that the government has contributed to many of the mass murders:

“For years agencies and states haven’t complied with the law, failing to upload these critical records without consequence,” Sen. Cornyn said. “Just one record that’s not properly reported can lead to tragedy, as the country saw last week in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This bill aims to help fix what’s become a nationwide, systemic problem so we can better prevent criminals and domestic abusers from obtaining firearms.”

. . . .

“These provisions will help enforce public safety protections that could mean the difference between life and death. Non-reporting now puts people at lethal risk—riddling a system that should keep guns away from killers with gaping holes. The federal background check program is only as good as the information that is provided to it,” Sen. Blumenthal said. “Mass murderers in Sutherland Springs, Charleston, and Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) were legally prohibited from accessing firearms, but gaps in NICS allowed each of them to walk out of a gun store with the weapons used to commit their crimes.

FOAC would point out that the Navy Yard shootings, the recent California shootings, and many others share the same incompetence and cavalier handling of criminal records.

Thus far not ONE government official or military officer has suffered ‘any’ consequences even though, in the case of the military, the DOD Inspector General has known since 1997 that the law has been ignored.

Stopping Criminals

Background checks don’t stop criminals. Armed citizens stop criminals. In 1997, the assistant principal of Mississippi’s Pearl High School, Joel My-rick, used the pistol he kept in his truck to detain a teenager who killed two students and injured seven at the high school. A decade later, in 2007, a gunman killed four people at a Colorado church before being shot by church member and volunteer security guard Jeanne Assam. Last April, an Uber driver with a concealed-carry permit shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Chicago’s Logan Square.

In September, an usher at a Tennessee church used his personal firearm to subdue a masked gunman who had already killed one woman in the church’s parking lot and injured six others inside. And just recently in Texas, an armed citizen ended a shooting spree that killed 26 people at a local church. What enables criminals are laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from having the means to defend themselves and their loved ones. The focus should be on repealing these bad laws, not creating Orwellian nightmares that serve no purpose other than targeting those who wish to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Review of National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

As you know, a major pro-2nd Amendment federal firearms bill has been filed this session – H.R. 38 known as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. It was introduced on January 3 by Republican Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina. H.R. 38 has 214 Sponsors, including these Pennsylvania Representatives: Rep. Kelly, Mike [R-PA-3] , Rep. Perry, Scott [R-PA-4] , Rep. Thompson, Glenn [R-PA-5] , Rep. Barletta, Lou [R-PA-11] , Rep. Shuster, Bill [R-PA-9] , Rep. Smucker, Lloyd [R-PA-16] , Rep. Rothfus, Keith J. [R-PA-12] , Rep. Marino, Tom [R-PA-10] , Rep. Murphy, Tim [R-PA-18] , Rep. Dent, Charles W. [R-PA-15]. It has been assigned to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

As written, if H.R. 38 becomes law it would require any state that allows people to carry concealed fire-arms to recognize permits issued by other states or allow a person to carry without a permit if they are “entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides…” (i.e., Constitutional Carry). Where you would be able to carry when visiting other states is still subject to their laws.

If H.R. 38 becomes law it appears that, as a resident of Pennsylvania, you would be able to carry in any state that allows concealed carry, with or without a CCW permit, since Pennsylvania issues permits.

H.R. 38 contains provisions that place the burden of proof on each state to show that a person discreetly carrying a firearm did not comply with their laws. It also provides for the award of attorney’s fees and damages to victorious plaintiffs.

However, the proposed federal law does not prevent you from being arrested in states that refuse to recognize your right to carry. It only means that, if you can get your case to federal court, the law is more apt to be on your side.

A concern we have about H.R. 38 is that in the push for passage there may be a willingness to “compromise,” (i.e., surrender your rights) in order to ensure passage. Will we see national gun owner registration, disguised as “universal background checks” added in exchange for support by “sponge spine” Republicans or even some Democrats? If so, we’d rather see the bill fail.

As currently written, and without modifications, FOAC supports H.R. 38.

Federal Legislative Snapshot – Insurance & Gun Ownership – H.R. 1708

The gun prohibition lobby is stealing a page from the playbook of anti-gun rights extremist Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) that would force all gun owners in every state to have mandatory gun liability insurance or face a fine of up to $10,000!

It is no surprise that Congresswoman Maloney has received over $569,000 in contributions from the Insurance Industry.

Add the mega-billion dollar insurance industry to the Gun Prohibition Lobby war chest that is already being funded at record levels by billionaires … like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, George Soros and scores of other wealthy political ruling-class elitists like those in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s circles.

What is really behind this attack on our firearms freedom?

The anti-gunners know that this avenue of attack will have the effect of making the cost of gun ownership prohibitive for many of us and therefore reduce the number of Americans who own firearms.

If less of us own a gun they know that our voice in politics really shrinks. It is a poll tax on gun owners. If they had their way they wouldn’t even let you vote!

Groups like CeaseFire PA and Giffords and Everytown say that we require insurance to own a car. And that sounds reasonable to the media, public and elected officials.

This legislative scheme:

  • Would prohibit the sale and or purchase of a firearm by every person who is not covered by “appropriate” liability insurance.
  • Does not define “appropriate” and leaves it up to anti-gun bureaucrats to decide.
  • Requires Insurance must be issued by a “qualified” insurance company.
  • Mandates that the insurance company must be licensed or authorized to provide unlimited coverage by the Pennsylvania insurance regulatory authority.
  • AND If Pennsylvania does not authorize a company or policy, or no company will write one you can turn in your gun or pay a $10,000 fine!

Remember, Congresswoman Maloney comes from New York where they passed the ‘Safe Act’ that is a Constitutional nightmare for gun owners to navigate lawfully. We frequently have police officers at the FOAC Gun Bash and it is shocking to see how concerned even they are regarding the laws on gun ownership!

Points to Consider When Talking to Anti-Gun Groups and People

**Are a lot of people killed with “assault rifles?”
According to the FBI, in 2016, 374 people were murdered with rifles of any kind. That represents about a 19:1 ratio of handgun to rifle involvement. The FBI reports that 3,263 murders were committed using firearms of unknown type. Just to be really conservative, let’s categorize the right amount of unidentified guns too. Using the 19:1 ratio, we can add another 171 murders to the rifle category. That brings the total to 545. Even if we assume that every single one of those cases involved an “AR” type rifle, then it’s still less than the number of murders committed by punching and kicking. That number was 656 in 2016. Knives were involved in 1,604 murders, and blunt objects were used in 472 cases.
So, let’s summarize. Those “assault weapons” (quotes intended and you know why) were involved in fewer murders than bare hands and feet, less than two-thirds as much as knives, and about the same as bats, clubs, and hammers.

Thank you for your continuing dedication and commitment to the Constitution and individual liberty!

Yours in Freedom!

Your FOAC Freedom Team

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Fayetteville, AR-( David Scharfenberg, an ideas writer for the Boston Globe, has come out in the open to declare what so many advocates of gun control claim that they don’t want: confiscation. In an article, titled, “Hand over your weapons,” he chides Hillary Clinton for leaving out the mandatory aspect of the “buyback” of some 650,000 firearms in Australia and admits that Obama’s praise for that program was code for his support of using the force of law to take guns away from their legal owners. In his view, the number of guns in private hands is the problem and reducing that number is the solution.