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May 16, 2017

FOAC Voter’s Guides are now available on the website for download and viewing for each zone in PA.  Please take a moment to get your voter’s guide now and share it with your friends!  The upcoming Primary Election participation is traditionally very light in off year elections and this is a great opportunity to have a huge impact!  PLEASE remember to vote on May 16th and encourage your friends and family to take a moment to join you at the polls!

Today, May 6, FOAC helped Rep. Bud Cook organize a seminar on concealed carry of firearms in Bentley will Pennsylvania. There were nearly 100 people at this seminar and the questions revealed a great deal of misunderstanding regarding Pennsylvania law! In answering these questions it was clear that many were shocked at the depth and breadth of Pennsylvania laws! In trying to explain these laws it was necessary to try to show how there is an organized effort on the part of a very small but vocal subset of the population that is well-financed and deceptively organized along concepts that are clearly false and misleading!

As I’m sure you know there is going to be a rally on May 22 in Harrisburg regarding protecting the Second Amendment and Pennsylvania’s constitutional freedoms under article 1 section 21. In organizing this rally, which has taken seven months, selecting the day of the rally has been quite a challenge because we needed the legislature to be in session so that we had an opportunity to communicate your views to the representatives. The anti-gun community has organized a lobbying day for the day after our May 22 rally. The rally is going to be on May 23 and I’m sure none of you believe this is a coincidence but is a carefully calculated maneuver to try to undermine our rally and your beliefs! The email below shows exactly what’s going on and how they’re organizing it:

From: Deb Marteslo
Sent: Thursday, May 4, 2017 11:00 AM
Subject: Join us at the Capitol for a Lobby Day
Hey, XXXX-
I am reaching out to you today as the Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action – Pennsylvania with a critical call to action. Please join us at the Capitol on May 23 for our Lobby Day, as we push to pass a bill to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. This is also an excellent opportunity to introduce our legislators to Moms Demand Action and our common sense approach to addressing the scourge of gun violence.
To be able to make an impact we need as many members there as possible! I know that some of you live pretty far away, but it’s important that we have representation from all over the state — and if we get enough people RSVP’d we may be able to arrange carpools, so don’t be afraid to sign up.
May 23, 10:30am – 3:00pm
State Capitol, Harrisburg
I look forward to working with you on May 23 for a safer Pennsylvania,
Deb Marteslo
PA State Chapter Lead
Moms Demand Action
P.S. When you rsvp you will be invited by email to join our Moms Demand Action-PA Lobby Day private page, where you can get updated information on everything pertaining to Lobby Day, from training to logistics. Please respond within 48 hours to your invitation before the link expires.

I am showing you this email above because I want you to understand exactly how critical it is that you show up for the May 22 rally so that your voice will be heard by legislators in a loud and clear manner! If you do not want to see more gun control passed in Pennsylvania further attenuating your freedoms then I strongly encourage you to find a way to be in Harrisburg on Monday, May 22! Otherwise you’re going to let the millions of dollars flowing through the Bloomberg carpetbaggers of Cease-Fire PA and Moms Demand Action decide your rights and freedoms for you! This is not hyperbole this is a fact and you can see this happening in every other state in this nation! The question is; are you and your friends and your family going to allow this to happen here in Pennsylvania??

As you already know, Firearms Owners Against Crime is a true grass roots organization. Unlike other Astroturf groups that have a billionaire sugar-daddy, we use the strength of united patriots across the state to advocate for the 2nd Amendment at all levels of government. Our track record speaks for itself, and it’s because of people like you that we continue to do great things in Pennsylvania. All glory is fleeting and without your help and continued support we won’t be able to keep the wolves at bay!

Have YOU made your arrangements to go yet to the 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg?  Do YOU want CeaseFire or Bloomberg to unchallenged with their lies?: IF NOT then please come to the 2017 2nd Amendment Rally for Gun Owners Scheduled for: May 22nd in Harrisburg.

Your FOAC Freedom Team

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Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) is non-partisan, non-connected all-volunteer Political Action Committee organized to empower ‘all’ gun owners, outdoors enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights, of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1 Section 21 and 25, of the PA Constitution, with the tools and information necessary to protect freedom from transgression.  FOAC was formed shortly after the City of Pittsburgh’s illegal gun and ammunition ban of 1993.  This was an active year for gun legislation in Pennsylvania (Act 84 of 1994-HB 185 the preemption law, Casey’s gun ban) and the United States (Brady Bill, Assault Weapons Ban…).  A number of those who fought the Pittsburgh gun ban realized that a more politically active role was necessary if we were to protect and keep our rights.  FOAC became a formal statewide Political Action Committee in early 1994.

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