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April 24, 2017

This past week has seen a flurry of activity in Harrisburg in both the state Senate and state House of Representatives on firearms law and self-defense initiatives!

First was the passage, through different committees, of two firearms preemption bills that have been filed in both bodies, House and Senate; House Bill 671 and Senate Bill 5. These bills will restore our ability to hold local communities accountable for violating PA firearms preemption law, something the district attorneys in this state have not done.

Almost like clockwork the anti-gun groups have rolled out their own interpretation of these bills by claiming that it is a gift to the gun groups who want to stifle common sense gun laws (CeaseFire PA e-mail – 4/20). The commentary below is an example of the over-the-top vitriolic rhetoric:

  • Today is the somber day when we mark the anniversary of one of the worst school shootings in the history of our country, the Columbine High School massacre. 13 people were killed that day and an additional 21 were injured.
  • But if you think some of the gun-obsessed legislators will pause for a moment or put their guns everywhere for everyone agenda on hold, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
  • The PA house is taking up the dangerous preemption bill, the one that will let the NRA and other groups sue our towns and cities to remove commonsense gun safety laws. Oh, and of course, they want us taxpayers to pay the bill.

If you guessed that this rhetoric was written by Shira Goodman of Cease-Fire PA then you are right on the mark! Perhaps a better way of putting this from our side would be that Goodman and her cronies are lie-obsessed highly paid carpetbaggers who will stop at nothing to advance their agenda including misconstruing the facts!

Gov. Tom Wolf has threatened to veto either one of these bills if they make it to his desk and that is why they need your unfettered support!

House of Representatives Preemption – Bill HB671 – Judiciary Committee Opponents (All anti-gun Dems + 1 Republican) who voted ‘against’ (4/19) the bill:

White, M. NAY R
Briggs NAY D
Davis NAY D
Dawkins NAY D
Dean NAY D
Miller, D. NAY D
Bill Passed 19 – 6


Senate Preemption Bill SB5 Local Government Committee Opponents (All anti-gunners) who voted ‘against’ (3/28) the bill:

Bill Passed 8 – 3


Again both of the bills above need your support and will be coming to the floor of the House of Representatives and the PA Senate on Monday, April 24 for second consideration. What this means is that both of these bills will be able to be amended at this part of the process, second consideration. This is where the anti-gun groups commit what we believe is political terrorism by holding the political process up to stymie any action and/or floor votes! Please give both of these bills your support and call your PA Senators and members of the House of Representatives, making sure to tell them not only to support the legislation but also to vote against any anti-gun amendments!

Senate Bill 383 has garnered a lot of public interest and questions, since its’ passage on 4/19. PA Senate Bill 383 seeks to create a structured process that would provide school districts with the ability to approve school personnel to carry firearms in schools. We fully support having armed school personnel in our schools; however, this bill suffers from some issues that appear to have never been considered.

We are working with Sen. White’s office to address the confidentiality issues as well as the susceptibility of the armed school personnel potentially having their information made available through the right to know process. In addition the training requirements are at such a level that discussions we have had with academicians such as Dr. John Lott indicate to us that not only is this level of training requirement not justified but that it could very well end up being a barrier to most if not all school personnel from being authorized to carry a firearm.

At this time FOAC is taking a neutral stance on this legislation until we see what the legislature is prepared to do to address our concerns!

Senate Arming Teachers Bill – SB 383 – Education Committee Opponents (All anti-gunners) who voted ‘against’ (4/19) this bill:

Bill Passed 9 – 3


Senate Bill 383 is also set for second consideration this Monday, April 24, which presents vulnerabilities for amending by the anti-gun groups who have abused political process to stymie good legislation!

Please do everything in your power to communicate your support for the firearms preemption Bill’s above and to encourage Senators to address our concerns with Senate Bill 383 (arming teachers).

Supreme Court Alert

It is being reported that there may be another vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court as soon as this summer. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told ‘Fox’ Special Report with Bret Baier’ Thursday that ‘I think the odds are very good’ that a second seat on the Supreme Court will fall vacant this year. Cruz said the battle over whoever is appointed to fill the forthcoming vacancy would be ‘Armageddon.’

‘[This] is going to be the opportunity to shift the course of this court [and] put a five-justice majority of Constitutionalists on the court,’ Cruz said.  Sen. Cruz also had harsh words for Washington Democrats, saying that many are ‘out of their minds.’

Violent Crime=Leniency in the Courts??!!

One of the hidden truths is that the courts, prosecutors and judges, act in ways that further violent crime with firearms.  The media avoids referring to it or exposing it and the general public is kept in the dark due to the complexity of legal proceedings and the law.  We think it is important to point to examples of how this happens in the rare cases that make it into the media.  Take for example the issue of ‘Straw Purchasing of Firearms’ and how the court’s handle these cases.

Chicago is awash in violent crime and career criminals who navigate the courts, especially on ‘gun crime prosecution’ as if they had a GPS through the revolving door Justice System.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continuously focuses on ‘gun control’ yet avoids recognizing that his courts are a joke.  So the question that needs to be considered is that ‘is this intentional’?  Why is George Soros (YES that Soros) involved in dumping ‘millions of dollars’ into electing prosecutors?  The Chicago state courts are considered a ‘joke’ and yet the media is fixated on more gun control as a solution to violent crime!

Elections can have a positive ‘or’ negative impact on daily lives and when we heard that incoming US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was firing certain regional US Attorneys many wondered what was behind this and the media hyperventilated about ‘the injustice’.  Yet behind all of that misdirected rhetoric is the reality that even the Federal Courts are failing the citizens of Chicago and that AG Sessions is holding the US Attorney accountable for failing to act against violent predators.

This very same problem, of failing to prosecute PA gun laws, exists here in Pennsylvania in our urban areas such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, etc.  This article points to these problems, that are routinely ignored by PA media, and is a good starting point when considering the issue of armed violent criminals.  As a further example of clueless media, this article points to a recent law that was passed called the Brad Fox law (Act 199 of 2012) as a success yet ‘ignores’ the facts of this case!  The perpetrator of the straw purchase in this article was being prosecuted for the 2nd TIME!!  Also, there were TWO firearms involved and only ONE 5 year sentence.  WHY is this important?  Because the Brad Fox law applies to repeat offenders and this was the FIRST use in over two years since its’ passage.  The article by Attorney Goldstein points this out and the anti-gun groups (CeaseFire PA and others) are silent about this lax prosecution of a primary pattern of conduct on criminal acquisition of firearms.

Have YOU made your arrangements to go yet?  Do YOU want CeaseFire or Bloomberg to ‘speak for you’?: IF NOT then please come to the 2017 2nd Amendment Rally for Gun Owners Scheduled: May 22nd in Harrisburg.

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Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) is non-partisan, non-connected all-volunteer Political Action Committee organized to empower ‘all’ gun owners, outdoors enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights, of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1 Section 21 and 25, of the PA Constitution, with the tools and information necessary to protect freedom from transgression.  FOAC was formed shortly after the City of Pittsburgh’s illegal gun and ammunition ban of 1993.  This was an active year for gun legislation in Pennsylvania (Act 84 of 1994-HB 185 the preemption law, Casey’s gun ban) and the United States (Brady Bill, Assault Weapons Ban…).  A number of those who fought the Pittsburgh gun ban realized that a more politically active role was necessary if we were to protect and keep our rights.  FOAC became a formal statewide Political Action Committee in early 1994.

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