Trump Getting It Done

image_29867342Trump Getting It Done


  • Stock market up 18% since the election – fastest 2000 point gain in history – at record high
  • Market gained $2 trillion in value
  • Decreased US Debt by $100 billion
  • US Manufacturing Index at 33 year high
  • Added 1 million jobs – 16,000 in manufacturing
  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Decreased unemployment rate
  • Eliminated job killing regulations
  • Initiated broad review of US Tax Code
  • Kept three large manufacturing companies and 2000 jobs in the US


  • Signed legislation allowing Vets to seek care outside VA system
  • Signed bill giving preference in federal grants to agencies that hire and train vets
  • Signed Dept. of Veterans Affairs Whistle Blower Protection Act
  • Improved Veterans benefits and treatment

Gun Politics

  • Signed bill into law repealing Social Security Administration rule adding mental disability determinations to the background check registry. This determination was based on people getting help with their finances but being perfectly competent otherwise.
  • Began undoing many Obama executive gun regulations
  • Working on national concealed carry legislation

Immigration and Border Security

  • Illegal immigration declined 40% in President Trump’s first month. It is now down 76%.
  • Number of refugees entering the US in Trump’s first three months was half of the number in Obama’s last three months
  • Ordered construction of border wall
  • Ordered end of “catch and release” program
  • Battling a number of cities on “Sanctuary City” actions
  • Ordered crackdown on illegal immigrant gangs like MS-13
  • 66,000 illegal immigrants arrested by June, 2017
  • Eliminated Obama policy of giving privileges to illegal immigrants in detainee camps
  • Cancelled Obama DAPA program that would have given amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants but was blocked by court before full implementation

Energy and Environment

  • Revived Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline projects
  • Signed E.O. removing several Obama environmental regulations unfavorable to coal
  • Ordered review of Clean Power Plan to give power back to states
  • Repealed ban on off-shore drilling
  • Withdrew from Paris Climate Agreement and stopped implementation and ended payments
  • Convinced Exxon to spend $20 billion on US plants over the next 10 years, creating 45,000 new US jobs
  • Rolling back Obama’s odious “Waters of America” overreach regulations


  • Withdrew US from Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Forced G-20 to remove its opposition to protectionism and its support for free trade from its joint statement
  • Instituted crackdown on violations of anti-dumping laws
  • Directed investigations into steel and aluminum dumping
  • Ordered review of all free trade policies including NAFTA and began renegotiating NAFTA

Size of Government

  • Began massive rollback of Obama era regulations, 90 in the first six weeks (and no one has missed them).
  • So far, regulation roll backs are estimated to have saved $3.7 billion in regulatory costs and $36.2 billion in compliance costs

Military, National Security and Terrorism

  • Expanded military spending by $21 billion
  • Began rebuilding military that was denigrated by Obama
  • Was the first president to say “radical Islamic terrorism” in an inaugural address
  • On January 20, 2017, President Trump filed for re-election in 2020
  • President Trump was the first President since Ronald Reagan to speak at the annual NRA Convention
  • During President Trump’s first 100 days, the National Debt decreased $100 billion as opposed to Obama’s first 100 days where it GREW $560 billion


  • Made a brilliant appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court
  • Justice Gorsuch has already made several excellent rulings demonstrating that he is a truly brilliant and conservative jurist

Begun filling many other Federal Judge positions with Constitutionalist judges